The Revolutionary Theraclear to combat Acne & Rosacea

Is it right for me?

How do I know that TheraClear is right for me?

What is TheraClear Acne Treatment?

Most of our clinics offer two types of acne treatment with TheraClear:

  • The TheraClear Acne Treatment with Light & Vacuum
  • The TheraClear Acne Treatment with Light, Vacuum & Needle Extraction (for more severe acne cases

Typically, most patients will need between 4 and 5 TheraClear treatments, ideally keeping each treatment a fortnight apart. You may see results in 1 or 2 treatments, but the most obvious improvements are often seen after your third treatment. After you have had 4 or 5 treatments, most (if not all) of your acne lesions will have been eliminated. Most patients that undergo the TheraClear Acne Treatment will find that they can continue to take their traditional therapies that are part of their acne maintenance routine.

Am I suitable?

Simply, almost anyone that is suffering with acne is a good candidate for TheraClear Acne Therapy. If you are experiencing side effects or have not had satisfactory results from over-the-counter or prescription medications, then it is definitely worth giving TheraClear a try. It is safe to have TheraClear treatments when you are pregnant.


The cost may vary slightly depending on which clinic and practitioner you choose for your TheraClear treatment, but treatments can start from as little as £120., which is great value!

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