The Revolutionary Theraclear to combat Acne & Rosacea


TheraClear is the leading technology globally for treating Acne. This revolutionary treatment kills bacteria and suppresses the oil glands, with results in just a few treatments ranging from the Acne being vastly improved to completely removed. Unlike other treatments, TheraClear can be combined with other prescription medications, although it is not usually combined with Accutane. Your home routine with topical treatments can also be continued while undergoing the TheraClear treatment.

TheraClear provides good results for all forms of Acne, but the mains types that the TheraClear laser targets are pustular acne, nodulocystic acne, inflammatory acne and comedonal acne. If you are suffering with any of these forms of acne then you could be a great candidate for TheraClear treatment, but this will be confirmed during your initial consultation with one of our doctors or practitioners.

TheraClear treatment is often described as feeling very warm, because the laser suctions the skin and then emits a hot pulse, but it isn’t painful. If you are concerned about pain though, a topical anaesthetic can be used pre-treatment.

Typically, our doctors and practitioners would advise that you undergo a course of 4-6 TheraClear treatments in order to achieve optimum results, ideally with 7-14days inbetween treatments. It is also recommended that you have further ‘top-up’ treatments every 3-6 months.

There is no downtime after TheraClear Acne Therapy; your ‘everyday’ routine and activities can be resumed immediately after your TheraClear treatment.

Excellent results are achieved by over 85% of patients that undergo TheraClear Acne Therapy. Of the remaining 15%, 10% report satisfactory and noticeable improvement, with only 5% showing little improvement.

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