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Case Studies

Patient SB

I have recently had 6 sessions of light therapy at Blemish Clinic, Ramsbottom. The aim of this treatment was to target the areas on my face that had open pours and spots that regularly occur. I had my first treatment back in April 2015 and my last in June 2015. I initially found that straight away my skin felt less oily and smoother.

The first couple of sessions caused a bit of redness but not much. By my last session I really had no redness after treatment whatsoever. By the third and fourth treatment I noticed my pours were cleaner, with less blackheads around my problem ‘’T’’ area and the skin was a lot cleaner and smoother.

I have had no outbreak of any spots of any kind during the treatment period and will gladly say that I am extremely happy with the results from just 6 sessions. I would most definitely have this treatment again and would recommend it to anyone who has spots/blackheads/acne scaring and any skin imperfections on their face. The clinician was brilliant and always checked that I had the right level of light treatment (due to the treatment being slightly uncomfortable after the first and second treatment within a session). I feel it gave my skin a fresher look and a smoother feel to it.

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