The Revolutionary Theraclear to combat Acne & Rosacea
Case Studies

Patient BN

best pimple treatmentBN is 25 years old with a 10 year plus history of acne. She used Accutane 10 years ago. She now has recurrent acne with recent pregnancy and is limited to topical and oral medication due to the pregnancy and later due to lactation. Theraclear, and the needle insert were the sole sources of treatment for Brittney and then for 8 months under our acne maintenance program.

Treatment with TheraClear System

The acne surgical insert was used first to remove the sebum from individual lesions. Once the embedded sebum was extracted, the vacuum and light mode was used to finish the treatment. The affected area is then treated with two passes of vacuum and light. We used the double pulse, energy level 7and vacuum level 2. The time between pulses was set at 750msec. This setting is used on the majority of our patients.


BN responded almost immediately with a significant reduction and flattening of her acne lesions. With three days, they were nearly gone. In one week, she had cleared up completely. She was extremely happy with the results as were we. We experienced similar results on all the other patients in this IRB clinical study.

I had been using an IPL only device for 5 years and over 20,000 treatments. I discovered that the limitation of such devices would not allow treatment of lesions such as those pictured. The innovation of using vacuum assisted IPL with a needle insert has greatly enhanced our ability to treat all types of acne lesions with impressive results and enhanced patient satisfaction.

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