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Scientific Studies

TheraClear removes sebum to allow for clear skin to shine through in TheraClear patients. Clinical studies have shown that even though acne has several causes, blocked sebum is always at the root of the problem. These studies prove that TheraClear is the obvious solution to treating acne, no matter what the cause.

What are the causes of Acne?

Acne is a condition that affects both teenagers and adults, and is a disease of the pilosebaceous unit. Acne is very common, and is one of the most treated skin complaints in the medical profession today. Acne can be managed with OTC remedies as well as professional treatment.

Acne lesions begin with the formation of a microcomedone. Microcomedones are created by hyperproliferation of the follicular epithelium. At the initial stages, activation of the vascular endothelium and inflammatory processes are present.

The first inflammatory event that results in the acne can have multiple causes, which can include:

  • Change in the concentration of lipids in the sebum.
  • Peroxisome proliferator/ activated receptor (PPAR) are both transnuclear receptors that are responsible for creating peroxisome. Peroxisome are responsible for the catabolism of fats inside the cell. Scientific studies that link PPAR and androgens in sebocytes have determined an increase in the production of peroxidative squalene and free fatty acids, both of which could cause the inflammatory event.
  • Evidence links androgens linking to PPAR in sebocytes with increase in sebocyte differentiation and lipid generation.
  • Free fatty acids that are in the cytoplasma of the sebocytes bind to PPAR, resulting in an increase in inflammatory compounds.
  • Clinical studies show that immunoreactive nerve fibers in close proximity to sebaceous glands generate a neuropeptide (‘substance P’), which further stimulates the germative sebocyte cells. This leads to an increase in the number of these cells and in their differentiation, meaning that an episode of stress for a patient could be the cause for an acne breakout.
  • Although studies show it is not necessary for pAcne (the anaerobic bacterium) to be present to initiate a microcomedone, it undoubtedly contributes to an inflammatory response when present.

Acne can appear as blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules, deep cysts and small comedones. Popular treatments on the market for acne are:

  • Topical and systemic antibiotics
  • Retinoids
  • Isotretinoin
  • Benzyl peroxide

Most of the above treatments for acne do not provide an immediate result or improvement, which is often what the patient is looking for.

TheraClear treats the causes of Acne

Scientific studies show, as outlined above, that sebum is always found in every cause of acne. Simply remove the sebum, and the cause is removed with it. The TheraClear Acne System with its revolutionary technology is the only device that can remove sebum. Results are also often apparent after the first treatment.

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