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When does acne stop?

March 14th, 2016

Age does not determine whether or not you will get acne. There are various reasons why pimples, spots and cysts form affecting your skin. Teenagers often suffer from this condition as their body experiences hormonal imbalances during their teenage years. It can be that there is an influx or that you have a drop in the specific hormones you need to keep that healthy glow. This is a normal part of growing up and your body should start to regulate by itself. If you're experiencing hormone imbalances for other reasons then a medical professional may be able to help you.

Bacteria on the skin is normal and there are some bacteria which we need in order to have a healthy complexion. The two main offenders for causing acne are Propionibacterium and Staphylococcus. The former infects the skin's surface and sits in the pores. There are two strains of this bacteria, one of which promotes normal healthy skin while the other promotes acne. Where both of these bacteria are present acne is sure to form. They change the working of the skin by causing more sebum production, clogging the skin's pores and causing inflammation.

When does acne stop..

Cosmetics can help you to cover up any unwanted spots, but you should do so with trepidation. By continuing with cosmetics you're clogging the pores and spreading bacteria. In addition, you're transferring the bacteria from your face to your cosmetics themselves - this is unfortunately a ‘catch 22’ situation. Some skin can react badly to certain products; not everything works in harmony. If you're suffering with an outbreak, then your skin is already at high sensitivity and by putting on makeup you could anger your already inflamed complexion.

How long does Acne last?

There is unfortunately no given timescale for acne to clear, but if you suffer from this condition there are ways you can prevent outbreaks. Make sure you have a good cleansing routine to remove all dirt and bacteria. There are steroids that can be prescribed; Roaccutane capsules are good for more severe acne and work by reducing the production of the skin's natural oils.

Acne refers to the skin's condition; pimples can form acne and they are the individual lumps that appear on the face or body. Pustules are small blisters or spots on the skin that contain pus and nodules are the large, hard, painful bumps that appear under the skin's surface.

How to stop Acne

The best way to stop acne is to visit your dermatologist or a specialist practitioner to determine why you are getting acne and what type you suffer from. There are many ways to eradicate the spots, one being with the use of laser and light therapy.

TheraClear is an acne treatment which combines light and vacuum for fast and visible reduction in acne and associated redness. This acne treatment system is a state of the art treatment device that addresses multiple causes of acne in just one treatment.

Theraclear, when does acne stop.

Whatever option you choose, please don’t fret - understand this is a common problem for many of us!

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