The Revolutionary Theraclear to combat Acne & Rosacea

TheraClear - What can it do?

January 27th, 2016

Laser skin treatment for acne

laser treatment for spotsYou may have heard about the revolutionary TheraClear device, which treats acne with both light and vacuum technology. But what makes TheraClear so great?

TheraClear treat the causes of Acne

Firstly, the TheraClear Acne System is the only device and technology that addresses multiple causes of acne in one, single treatment. The TheraClear device targets acne bacteria, hyperactive sebaceous glands and blocked pores.

Choosing treatment with TheraClear allows for fresher, clearer skin. TheraClear works by clearing the sebum, which is an integral, contributory factor in all causes of acne. Although the causes of any acne lesion can be multifactorial, blocked sebum is always at the root of the problem and TheraClear works by clearing this. By getting rid of the sebum and any follicular contents, the various inflammatory cytokines that are found in the sebum are immediately extracted; inflammatory free fatty acids and peroxidomes are also removed.

It’s simple – remove the sebum, remove the main problem and cause of the acne lesions.

How is the sebum removed?

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Because the dermal/epidermal barrier is compromised, if you apply pressure on the sebum without a corresponding pressure on the dermis then the sebum will be forced out of the infundibulum and into the dermis. It is so important that this doesn’t happen, but unfortunately this is often the result of traditional extraction methods.

TheraClear works by placing a vacuum chamber over the acne lesion, applying the correct kind of pressure to both the dermis surrounding the lesion and also to the sebum that is inside the lesion.

Advanced Vacuum & Light Technology

TheraClear combines both the vacuum component with filtered broad band light technology. The device delivers broad band light and also a gentle vacuum suction to the desired treatment area. To find out more about the device specifications please click here.

Treatment with TheraClear – What are the benefits?

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  1. No patient downtime
  2. Treatment delivered in just 10 minutes
  3. No pain
  4. Noticeable improvement after just one treatment
  5. Often requires less that 6 treatments to achieve optimum results
  6. No pre-treatment anaesthetics or gels required
  7. Effective on mild to moderate inflammatory acne, comedonal and pustular acne
  8. Use of personal treatment inserts to maintain hygiene and eliminate risks of cross-contamination

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