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How to remove blackheads?

February 11th, 2016

blackheads treatment londonMost people will suffer with some form of skin complaint, from something as small as the odd spot to full blown acne. Whatever you suffer with, please don't despair as there are treatments that can help.

What causes blackheads?

Blackheads are bumps on the skin that are usually caused by clogged hair follicles. These are called blackheads as the surface can appear darker. The reason that they have the darker spots is because the oil that caused the spot has come in contact with the air and has become oxidised forming the darker patch. The nose and face can be quite oily due to the sebaceous glands that lie underneath the skin and these may not only cause spots but may increase the chance of having blackheads.

How to treat and prevent blackheads

blackhead strips treatment

Contrary to popular belief, the black marks in blackheads are not flakes of dirt, as previously explained. Therefore scrubbing your face to get rid of these marks is not advisable. Keeping a good skin cleansing routine will help with the eradication of spots, not just blackheads. Always use products that work for your skin; trial and error can sometimes be the best method here.

Blackheads are caused by oxidation of oil and can only happen if the pores are open. An egg white mask can help as not only are eggs rich in vitamins, but they will also help with tightening your skin and therefore closing the pores and preventing blackheads from forming.

Baking soda is another cupboard staple that can work wonders for blackheads: mix a little with water and smooth onto your problem areas but don't overdo it as this can really dry out your skin. The baking soda can act as a natural exfoliant, removing unwanted dirt and bacteria. To treat your blackheads the best way you will need to know what type of skin you have. Once you have established if your skin is oily, dry, normal, a combination of these, or sensitive then you will be able to find the products best suited to you.

Seek professional advice for blackheads

If you think you are suffering with blackheads and it is a problem for you, you should always seek advice from a professional such as your GP or even better, a specialist in spots and acne. If you are looking for a professional and your nearest Acne Clinic UK practitioner, then follow this link: Finding the correct professional for you can help eradicate unwanted spots by targeting the correct areas with the correct form of treatment.

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