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How to get rid of white spots on your face?

March 17th, 2016

White spots and marks on the face and skin are more common than you may think and there are a few possible causes. Vitiligo is a condition where the pigment is lost causing whitish patches. Often there is no clear reason for this and unfortunately the patches are usually permanent. The severity varies from person to person. This condition usually occurs when there is a lack of melanin in the affected areas of skin. Melanin is produced by special skin cells and this is what gives your skin its colour. It is thought that you are most likely to be affected by this Vitiligo if you have an auto immune problem or if someone you're related to already suffers from this condition.

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Causes of white spots

Other white spots such as Melia can also appear these are often mistaken for pimples when in fact they are keratin filled cysts. There are generally two types of Millia, one may result from oil glands that have not fully developed and the other can result from a trauma to the skin. You may notice that babies can have these dotted over their skin.

There are many causes for white spots/marks on your face and if you are to treat this area you will need to know what it is you're dealing with. Fungal infections can affect the pigmentation of your skin causing white patches/spots to appear. These can usually be treated effectively with the correct prescription. Your skin is the largest organ of the body and it needs to be treated with respect. When you're in the sun you must make sure you're using the right spf factor as sun damage can have serious harmful effects. The consumption of certain vitamins and minerals is one of the most effective ways to treat skin conditions and in addition improve the skin's health.

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Spot the problem

Our skin is precious, acne not only affects the appearance it can also have a damaging effect on the mind causing depression and a lack of self confidence. Understanding what your skin is telling you is an important factor when tackling the problem. Face mapping can give a good indication as to why spots are appearing. Splitting the face into zones to highlight problems such as hormones, digestive, stress, kidney problems etc can help to indicate what it is that your body is lacking and how to improve its health.

If you are concerned then you should seek advice from a medical professional. They will be able to determine what condition you are suffering from and what action to take.Visit our directory, to find your local Acne Clinic.

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