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How to get rid of back acne fast?

January 19th, 2016

rid of spots on back

'Bacne', a well known abbreviation for back acne, is formed in the same way as acne on the face. As with any form of acne there are various causes from overactive sebaceous glands, hormones, clogging of pores, bad hygiene and blocked hair follicles. It is very common and can affect both men and women.

Suffering with spots on your back

A very high percentage of acne sufferers complain of suffering with back acne. It is hard to treat because you can't see it or reach it. A lot of people suffer with some form of acne whether it be back, face, chest or buttocks. Don't be ashamed or embarrassed; you're not alone, there are many ways that can help with the prevention and eradication of unwanted spots.

Best ways to treat back acne

There are various ways to treat this problem at home:

Dry weather - If you're lucky enough to enjoy the warm weather then the sunlight can dry out the pimples.

Salt water - Salt water can have the same effect so if you're near the seaside then take a dip, relax in the natural environment and wait for your pimples to dry up.

salt on spotsUnfortunately the sun and sea aren't always readily available, however don't fret as there are other remedies that are equally effective.

Cleansing - Keep your skin clean, using a loofer to cleanse the area thoroughly, the back can be a hard place to reach, this will enable you to be able to get to those difficult places.

Topical treatments - There are many creams out there that are designed for acne but it is important to understand that you need to avoid anything that is oil based as this can make the acne worse.

Fresh clothing - Always make sure that anything next to the skin is clean such as clothing, bed sheets and even the cloths you wash with as this helps reduce the transfer of unwanted bacteria.


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Seek professional advice

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