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December 6th, 2015

Causes and treatment of forehead acne london

What causes forehead spots?

We are often struck by a sudden outbreak of spots and in order to know how to treat these we have to understand why we get them. Some medical professionals think that the face can be split into sections with each section indicating what our bodies are lacking/getting too much of. External factors affect the health of our skin causing it to blemish when you least expect it. Food is the fuel of the body and when we eat, we should think of it as putting the correct fuel into your car. Fruit and veg, high in vitamins, will give your skin a healthy glow.

Stress can also hugely affect our skin. As soon as our mind goes into overdrive, so can our blemishes. Relax, take time out and switch off . Use this down time to cleanse removing dirt and repairing environmental damage. Unfortunately our bodies can sometimes fuel breakouts, with hormones pushing up those pimples. We need hormones to function, however in abundance they can cause us to go from having a healthy glow to a harsh complexion. Hormones can be heightened by medication, for example birth control tablets, although in turn these can be used to control the outbreak of pimples. For some, they can have the opposite effect.

Although the exact cause of dandruff is unknown, it has been suggested that the above factors can increase your risk. Dandruff is flaky skin which can clog pores. Getting rid of dandruff can be as simple as using the correct hair products, and excessive dandruff on the forehead won’t help your spots at all. Good hygiene and a head massage can work miracles.

Easy solutions to get rid of forehead spots

You wouldn't wear the same clothes for a week, so change bedding regularly - good hygiene is paramount. Most people don't think to wash scarves/hats often, either, and this should be done regularly, too. Ensuring that everything is clean that comes into contact with the forehead will help stop the spread of bacteria.

Choosing the right skin care is important if you want that glow without the blemishes. Make sure you pick the correct products that work for you.

TheraClear can clear your forehead zits

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