The Revolutionary Theraclear to combat Acne & Rosacea

Laser & Light

Laser and Light

TheraClear Acne Therapy is powered by an advanced vacuum and filtered broadband light technology. TheraClear is FDA-cleared to treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne (Acne Vulgaris), comedonal acne, and pustular acne. Using a vacuum technique to open up and unblock pores.

TheraClear reduces the number of blackheads in the affected area. TheraClear then delivers a blue light treatment which destroys the bacteria, as well as targeting the sebaceous gland and preventing further excess production of sebum.

Noticeable improvement

Witness dramatic improvement in skin texture and a reduction in pore size with TheraClear treatment. Your skin cells, bacteria and sebum will be cleared away and there is very little downtime (you can resume daily activities almost immediately).

Laser & Light is better than traditional therapies

TheraClear gives you a more favourable option over traditional therapies such as prescription antibiotics, over-the-counter topical medicines, Accutane, or laser treatments. TheraClear provides faster, consistent results and is not a painful treatment. Whilst Theraclear can be used in isolation, our doctors and practitioners will often combine it with product treatments to enhance the results and reduce treatment time.

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